Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Charities in Student Fundraising Forum-James Haughton

Dig Deep travelled down to London yesterday for the inaugural Forum meeting for charities engaged in student fundraising. It was a fantastic afternoon which brought together 9 charities in the sector. The conversation flowed and it soon transpired that our interests and the challenges we face were replicated across all of the organisations.

Amongst the attendees were Childreach International, Meningitis Research Foundation, AICR, Hope for Children, The Children's Society, Action Against Hunger, Practical Action, Breast Cancer Campaign and Dementia UK.

One of the most consistent aspects of the meeting was the extent to which the organisations involved were focused upon making the experience of students that fundraise for us as mutually positive as possible. It was clear that everyone strives to improve. Dig Deep relies upon our dedicated student volunteers for much of our funding and we are really excited to be able to share and learn with other charities. This is something charities must do more of across all areas of their operations. 

Dig Deep proposed the idea originally as a platform for sharing best practice and information about the sector and were delighted that pretty much every charity that was approached were keen to join in. We look forward to having some new organisations join at the next meeting hosted and chaired by Dementia UK.

The Forum adopted a set of aims and objectives which included the desire to improve recognition for all of the amazing work that student fundraisers make happen for us. It is under recognised amidst the prevailing cynical conception of a disinterested youth generation portrayed in public media. We thank you all for the incredible energy and drive you bring to Dig Deep and for the wonderful projects that save lives and break cycles of needless poverty in Kenya. You are the future of philanthropy.

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